How To Choose The Right Tent For An Amazing Time

When it comes to the perfect combination of fun, adventure, exercise, and relaxation, nothing beats camping. There is no better bonding experience with friends or family than a camping trip. Fresh air, wildlife, peace of mind, good times all around. Whether the camping trip is for a specific purpose such as hunting, hiking, observing nature, or just some good old-fashioned R & R, making sure you have the right equipment is important. Take a little bit of time to learn about the different types of camping tents to ensure that you get the one best suited to your needs.

There are several different types and sizes of camping tents. Here are a few of the most popular, along with their most common uses:


A campsite tent can be anything from a basic tent, generally large enough to sleep 1-4 people, to a larger, family-sized tent, often with multiple rooms to accommodate many more people. These include pop-up tents, those that require quite a bit of assembly, and everything in between. They are weatherproof and have adjustable ventilation for perfect air flow. It’s always a good idea to check with the campground to see if they have any rules and regulations regarding tent size, type, etc, before setting out for your camping event.


Hammock tents are, as the name implies, hammocks enclosed within a tent-like structure. Strong cords are attached to two trees and the hammock is suspended above the ground and encased by the tent. This is done either by a covering being attached to he sides of the hammock itself and then to more cords above the hammock, covering the top of the hammock, or the entire hammock can be encased inside a tent-like structure that is attached underneath the hammock itself. Hammock tents are considered to be the ultimate in relaxation for those who enjoy being outdoors and who enjoy the unique comfort of a hammock. These tents are perfect for those weekends away when you just want to relax and unwind. They have even been compared to the sleeping pods used by the Na’vi in the movie Avatar!


Truck bed tents are designed for use with flatbed pickup trucks that don’t have covered beds. These tents cover the entire bed of the truck, with ventilation areas on the sides and/or top for fresh air and light. Some styles come with an awning-like extension that reaches from the top of the tent beyond the tailgate of the pickup truck to provide a covered area for more shade and protection. This type of tent set-up of course works best with no more than 4 people, depending on the size of the truck itself, as well as the event. Excellent for tailgating before the big game, fishing, etc.


Backpacking tents are lightweight, compact tents which are usually designed to sleep one person and no more than two. These are perfect for mountain biking trips, hiking, or any activity where you will be required to carry your equipment with you. Most are very simple, basic designs which do not require a great deal of assembly. The idea with this type of tent is simplicity and ease. Ideally, a single-person backpacking tent should weight no more than 2-3 pounds; a two-person tent no more than 3-5 pounds.

No matter what type of camping trip you are planning, the main idea is to have fun. Remember, the whole idea behind camping is to get away from the chaos of daily life for awhile, relax, and unwind. While for some people that means taking along only the barest of essentials, others will bring along everything but the kitchen sink – and they just may bring that along if they believe they will have an adequate water hook-up available! For the campers who enjoy a bit more luxury while “roughing it” or who are camping with the kids or a group of friends, a larger, more accommodating tent will of course be necessary for everyone’s comfort and enjoyment. On the other hand, for those planning a backpacking trip, minimal lightweight equipment is the name of the game. Nothing will ruin what should be an enjoyable backpacking experience faster than an 80+ pack on a 10-mile hike!  Plan ahead to ensure you have the correct equipment for your specific needs and you are guaranteed to have an enjoyable camping experience.

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