How to Shoot More Accurately

If you are like most people, you have always wondered how to shoot more accurately so that you actually hit the target consistently, yet you struggle with actually being able to do so. If that is an accurate description of your shooting skills, do not give up on your abilities. Everyone can properly shoot a weapon. The key is learning how to take all of the little things that are associated with shooting and correct small errors so that you can consistently shoot well. It might sound difficult at first, but if you are patient and you practice frequently, you will have it down in no time. In order to shoot correctly, it is important that you learn how to properly hold your weapon and that you aim correctly. It is equally important that you learn to squeeze the trigger without actually pulling it and that you incorporate proper breathing techniques while you are shooting. Last but not least, it is important that you learn to consistently promote safety while you are shooting.

Holding the Weapon


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When you are holding your weapon, it is important to remember that in order to hit the bulls-eye consistently you need to have the proper grip as well as the proper finger position. Your finger should always be next to the trigger, resting comfortably, but you should not have your finger on the trigger until you are actually ready to shoot. This provides you with a more relaxed grip and also helps to prevent any accidents that could occur from you having your finger on the trigger when you are not aiming at the target that you want to shoot. By the same token, your grip should be firm, yet comfortable enough that you still have full control over the weapon itself. You should be gripping a pistol with both hands so that the hand you will be shooting with is positioned slightly above the other hand. Use your dominant hand to pull the trigger. Again, you should take care to ensure that you actually have a firm grip on the pistol but you should not be holding it so tight that your knuckles start to turn white.



Proper Breathing Techniques

One of the most important things that you can do to shoot properly is to breathe the right way. There are a lot of different theories when it comes to proper breathing techniques while shooting. Some people think that you should hold your breath entirely while you are actually taking the shot. This is obviously because as you breathe, your chest moves and when it does it causes your arms to move slightly. This can at times cause you to miss the target. With that being said, there is another camp out there that believes that when you hold your breath, you are no longer capable of making quick reactions or making a snap decision. Therefore, if you are shooting in order to train for practical uses such as law enforcement, this camp believes that it can have a detrimental impact on your ability to follow through. As a direct result, most people believe that you should find a technique that works for you. While you are practicing, take the time to experiment with different techniques and see which one allows you to hit the target accurately most often. If you find that you are not quite comfortable with any of the above techniques, you can simply hold your breathing steady and take the shot as you exhale during the few seconds that you would naturally pause before taking another breath anyway. The thing to remember is that you should breathe naturally as opposed to anticipating your next breath, which can throw you off.

Aiming Correctly

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In order to hit the target you have to aim correctly. Obviously, the first thing you have to do is make sure that the sight you are using is lined up correctly and that everything on the weapon itself is working properly. It is vitally important that you learn to look through the sight as opposed to looking directly at the target. If you look through the sight, you will see exactly where the bullet will eventually travel. If you look at the target instead, you almost always end up shooting high. Another thing that you have to use caution with is allowing your wrist to break high or low. A breaking wrist is essentially the same thing as flinching when you shoot. Some people naturally do this when they are anticipating squeezing the trigger. If you do, it will cause you to miss the target nearly every time so you have to learn how to breathe through it and simply squeeze the trigger without moving your arm in one direction or the other.

Squeeze the Trigger, Don’t Pull It

Again, if you want to shoot properly you have to learn to squeeze the trigger. You might have heard the term “pull the trigger” over the years, but when you do that it will cause you to break your wrist low or high and miss the target. It is important that you squeeze it with a gentle technique that involves only the movement of your trigger finger and nothing else. This is where most people get into trouble when they are target shooting. Instead of gently squeezing the trigger they use a motion that is too abrupt and too forceful and the next thing they know, they are missing their target because they are essentially pulling the weapon up higher than it needs to be every single time.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Nothing beats correct practice when it comes to improving your aim.  Get your favorite targets, such as Diagnostic Targets featuring the Pistol Correction Chart similar to the one above, Silhouette Splatter Targets which light up with fluorescent paint, or Reactive Ground Bouncing Targets which dance when you hit the mark.  Take them to the range with a good supply of ammo and take your time in honing your skills.  It takes time to get to the point where hitting the bullseye comes naturally.


If you incorporate these ideas into your technique and you practice frequently, you can begin to shoot accurately almost every time. Like anything else, it requires a great deal of practice and it also requires the perseverance to keep trying even when you are struggling. Shooting correctly can help you prevent being injured while shooting, especially if you have a gun that kicks back a lot.  You should always practice proper techniques that will allow you to hit the target and stay safe at the same time.

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