A hunter needs the best from his tools. A wrong move on the proving grounds can turn a sure shot into a lifetime of regret. From their founding in 1983, Excalibur Crossbows saw building cheap, “good-enough” products as a fool’s errand…and instead persevered to build unbeatable modern crossbows to reach the absolute limits of hunting effectiveness.

A Hunting Crossbow Down to It’s Bones

The break-out technology behind Excalibur is the compact recurve bow. In a market dominated by cookie-cutter manufacturers hammering complex compound designs into their crossbows, Excalibur instead shaped a light, simple, blazing-effective recurve into a compact, speedy, stealthy form factor brilliantly suited for real world crossbow hunting.

A Modern Marvel

The Compact Recurve design uses the latest technology to meet and exceed the performance of the best compound designs while eliminating complexity, fragility and awkward bulk at every turn.

The Excalibur Crossbow Cross-Examination

Excalibur Crossbows takes the quality of their products seriously…so seriously they commissioned real-life torture tests against the existing crossbow competition. Putting their 2 best Matrix models into an unforgiving arena with 5 leading compound crossbows, Excalibur put each model through grueling tests of durability, speed and accuracy. And the data they got back put plenty of hard proof behind the claims.

The Results

1)Excalibur Crossbows endure against the odds, shot after shot. During punishing durability testing, Excalibur Matrix Crossbows drew over 3,000 times before failure (allowing for string replacement) vs. around 500 for similar competitor’s compound crossbows. Even with string replacement, the compound crossbows couldn’t keep up, suffering physical damage before they could even come close to the draw totals for the Matrix models.

2)The recurve design of Excalibur Matrix Crossbows makes the bow itself almost indestructible. There are no cams to wear out or break and there’s less string to stretch out. Fewer complications means there’s nothing to tune or regulate…each Excalibur Matrix Crossbow is ready to shoot accurately right out of the box — and NO service trips to look forward to down the road!

3)Speed is just as fast as compound bows…350 to 405 F.P.S. depending on the Excalibur model. And accuracy won’t degrade after lots of shooting like in compound bows because there’s less string to stretch out and no cams to wear out.

4)Trigger pull from an Excalibur leaves the competition in the dust. While many of the competitor’s triggers creep and climb all over the place, every Matrix trigger offers a smooth build up leading to a clean break at 2 1/2 lbs.

5)The biggest differences were seen were after sustained use. While compound components weakened and failed after repeated draws, the Matrix compact recurve design stayed in the running, delivering the same speed and accuracy as when it was pulled fresh out of the box.

The Matrix Compact Recurve In-the-Field Advantages

Your hunting success can depend on your ability to solve a problem hundreds of miles from your neighborhood archery shop. When giving up is not an option, simplicity is king.

1)String replacement on an Excalibur Matrix can be done on location, during your hunt. This is a huge plus!  No bow press, archery pro shop or special tools of any kind are required.

2)Decocking requires no shooting. The recurve action can be let off slowly allowing no damage to your crossbow, your arrows or your broadheads. The only shots you ever need to make are on the practice range and when you have your trophy in sight.

3)Except for string replacements, physical wear-and-tear damage to the functioning action of an Excalibur Matrix is almost unheard of. In fact, Excalibur offers to repair their crossbows free of charge over a lifetime of in-the-field use.

4)Excalibur Matrix Crossbows are ready to hit the bullseye out of the box. No sighting in, or trips to the archery store to adjust your crossbow. And during it’s lifetime the Matrix requires none of the fine-tuning typical compounds need to maintain accuracy. It just keeps going!

See the Results for Yourself

Excalibur Users Become Customers for Life

Excalibur doesn’t just have lab testing to fall back on. Plenty of customers have written in to tell their success stories, regardless of whether they chose the Excalibur Matrix 380, the super powerful Matrix Mega 405, the small but potent Micro 335, or reliable workhorse like the Axiom SMF.  By stopping random hunting trip mishaps that would crush the dreams of a typical compound crossbow hunter, Excalibur Crossbows have continued working to bag trophy after trophy.

Hunters count on the Excalibur Matrix, and they appreciate a design that allows them to do maintenance themselves instead of hauling it into an archery shop. It only takes a few skipped paid tune-ups to make the Matrix pay for itself compared to any similar model. And over a lifetime the value gained in a Matrix is incomparable.

Crossbow Hunting isn’t for the little leagues. If you expect success, you need a tool to stand tall with unbeatable performance every step of the way. The Excalibur Matrix Compact Recurve Crossbow is an investment you can count on when the chips are down and your moment of opportunity is squarely in sight.  Don’t wait another second…make the move to your Excalibur crossbow now!