Air Pistols are an affordable way to enjoy all the fun of the shooting sports without the staggering cost of ammo, the noise and kick of gunpowder, or the complex legal wrangling to find a safe, secure place to shoot. While there’s thousands of cheap throw-away pistols out there, finding quality without breaking your bank is a little trickier.

Using practice, plinking and fun as our main considerations, we narrowed the list down to 5 can’t-miss air pistols. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Make your move, stock up on ammunition, call up your buddies and get ready for a whole new level of shooting.

Walther CP88 6” Barrel Competition Air Pistol, Blued Finish

Walther makes some of the best Air Pistols around, but this CP88 stands out even farther from the pack thanks to an upgrade from the standard 4” to the huge 6” competition barrel. With the 6” CP88, aiming at the targets on the shooting range feels like a natural extension of your hand. Rifled steel barrel rockets .177 cal. pellets at an incredible 450 F.P.S. We’ve seen 1” groups at 25 feet…which stands proud and easily competes with any traditional Walther firearm.

The straight facts:

No lightweight on power…the Walther CP88 has a muzzle velocity of 450 feet per second

Convenient 8 shot rotary magazine to save on reloading during valuable shooting time

Single or double action functionality

Frame-mounted thumb safety for easy access without fumbling around

6” competition-grade rifled steel barrel means business

Adjustable rear sights for windage compensation

Contoured checkered grips for a secure, natural hold

Serrated slide assembly for ease of use

Blued black oxide finish

Uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges (not included)

Packaged in a foam-lined hard sided case…excellent protection and simple no-hassle transport!

Bersa BP9CC Concealed Carry Training Air Pistol, Dual Tone Finish

A training partner you definitely want in your corner. The BP9CC is a perfectly proportioned replica of the Bersa BP9CC firearm, and that’s exactly what you get every time you raise this Pistol to take aim on the range. Fits and feels like the real gun, for safely and affordably practicing both your draw and concealed carry use. Regular round BB’s allow the gun to pack even more shooting into a removable 20 round BB stick mag. Each pull of the trigger is crisp and clean, and the BP9CC never misses a beat from the first shot to the last. Practice makes perfect, and this Bersa Air Pistol gets you there.

A defensive must-have:

Modeled after the Bersa BP9 Concealed Carry pistol

Fires off round steel BB’s at a blistering 360 feet per second

20 round removable BB stick mag keeps you firing for longer on the range

Semiautomatic with realistic blowback action

3-dot sight system for enhanced training ability

Ergonomic grip for secure aiming and retention

Dual tone finish with metal slide for authenticity

Weaver-style accessory rail for adding your own tactical training gear

Manual safety for no-hassle operation

Uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges (not included)

CZ75 Defensive Competition Air Pistol

Defensive training with no compromises. This CZ75 Air Pistol faithfully reproduces the CZ 75 firearm experience, which to our delight includes the phenomenal feel of a competition-grade trigger. Crisp and clean, the CZ75 breaks with less than a pound of pressure…with repeatable and dependable results at the same breaking point shot after shot. The gun uses super-affordable round steel BB’s, reliable feeding them in for the next target from a removable 17 round magazine. All-metal, with excellent looks, feels and heft. For beginning plinkers all the way up to seasoned CZ 75 users who need the perfect Air Pistol variant to sharpen up their training without going over budget.

A rapid response to your shooting needs:

Modeled exactly after the CZ 75 full-size pistol

Fires off round steel BB’s at a powerful 312 feet per second

17 round removable BB magazine for quick changes on the firing range

Semiautomatic with realistic blowback action

Blued black oxide full metal build for the ultimate in authentic fit and feel

Fixed sights to match the original

Manual safety for easy operation

Officially licensed by CZ

Uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges (not included)

Gamo Outdoors G-15 Bone Collector Pistol

A plinking delight for a full day of fun! From the legendary air-power experts at Gamo, this G-15 Bone Collector provides a sure hit against targets using either steel BB’s or .177 caliber pellets. Includes 2 16 round rotary magazines, 1 each for BB’s and pellets. You can even add Weaver-compatible laser or tactical flashlight for training and varmint patrol. Practice up with wallet-friendly BB’s, then switch to .177 pellets when every shot needs to count. For all-around shooting pleasure in the field, this Gamo G-15 offers up a no-holds-barred winner.

The essential thrill of shooting:

Officially authorized Bone Collector edition air pistol

Fires at a whopping 492 feet per second for plinking, targets or varmints

Dependable 16 round repeating action, using either BB’s or .177 pellets

Includes 2 16 round rotary magazines

Double and single action

Fixed front and rear sights for ease of use

Realistic blowback for fun and firearm authenticity

Weaver-style rail under barrel for adding your own tactical gear

Textured grip for faultless control and retention

Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridges (not included)

Umarex Colt Python Revolver Air Pistol

All the fun of firing one of the most famous historical revolvers, in an affordable air pistol form! This Umarex make-up of the awesome Colt Python is a dream-come-true. The underlug cylinder really revolves, the ejector rod really ejects, and the specially-designed cartridge shells feel and fire almost exactly like the original .357 bullets. Flawless in every detail for everything from defensive practice sessions to historical reenactments, filming and stagecraft. Not only is this a beautiful air pistol, it’s also a life experience you deserve to enjoy.

A living legend for your air pistol pleasure:

Blasts out BB’s with a muzzle velocity of 400 feet per second

Uses cartridge shells (each holds a single steel BB)

6 round cylinder, includes 6 cartridge shells

Cylinder is rotating and swings out, includes working ejector rod too

Fixed front sight and fully adjustable rear sight for windage

Double and single action

Manual safety for ease of use

Synthetic ambidextrous grip for comfortable aiming and retention

Includes speedloader and hex wrench

Black oxide finish

Uses 12 gram CO2 cartridges (not included)

Be ready for all day shooting! Stock up on extra cartridges right here.

Getting the Most Out of your Air Pistol

You might want a pistol suited for a day of target practice on your back 40. Or you might need a precise replica to hone your defensive skills in the comfort of your own home. However serious your requirements are, make sure fun is always in there somewhere. Each of these quality air pistols has your back, dishing out reliable performance and repeatable results shot after shot. And they’re fun too! Find yours and get out shooting today!